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Here's Baroness Maaline Reynard's translation of the Old English poem she wrote for the 12 Knights of Atlantia project I posted a few days ago...

The Twelve Knights of Atlantia
by Maaline Reynard

The land depends on the people's courage
Her sunset is their dark times
Her zenith is their brightest times
Her warriors are her greatest treasure.

First is Michael, as strong
On the battlefield as a lion
Bearing the laurel wreath and sword
Our first king; to the bold goes the crown.

The mightiest castles are built by men
So well-known as a king and poet
With a strong voice and gentle heart
Was Gyrthe, who guided us as true as a compass.

A gentle giant and Count
Was Black Kane O'Shannon, brave and adored
With a black sword and shield
Strong and virtuous, and always loyal.

Forgal is fierce with sword and shield
Mighty in his generosity and honor
Treasured more than silver and renowned
None to be his equal in strength and skill.

Two creatures of the ocean's depths
Daemon finds his path as decisive as a river's
White belt and sword, he is a knight
A Scholar, and honorable warrior.

Two ravens opposed
On a background of green and gold
Corby, brave in battle and fearless
Always on his quest, he is our beacon with honor his banner.

The hound sings an evening song
Of oceans and of storm-filled skies
Of golden fields, of wars and skill
Of kings, of nobles, of knights, of Cuan.

Vladimir, clarion, shield, and sword
Otters adorn his heraldry, his pole arm
And his thoughts serve his people
Virtue and honor are forever his quest

Tjenorum, like a stone pillar for Atlantia
Our first prince
Atlantia's protector, he is ever constant
So is his heart sworn to forever uphold her beauty.

Olaf endlessly defends his lands
With two swords like a wind-snare
His service is always pure
A knight always faithful to his kingdom

Always is Bryce thrice evil in his misdeed
As a Laurel, Pelican, and Knight
His belt his banner, his shield of black and gold
His ability has no equal.

Logan is as the eternal wolf
His song guarding against the night's chill
Inspiring hearts to burn
With decision.
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